Day with >> Estelle

Hi all, 
I wanted to praise a collection I like very much: the One Way Ticket one
Some of my friends have told me that green is a difficult color to use for them.
So I wanted to show you, through this mini album, that one Way Ticket papers are totally perfect to be used with summer pictures. It can be used either with beach or forest pictures.
I used a light blue, dark blue, navy blue, light green and dark green color scheme as you can see on the project cover.

I also wanted to use some pieces of felt that matched the color scheme

 Here is a full page picture of a beach in Martinique.
Turquoise sea and white sand...
Some blue is applied with lights strokes on the paper #03,04

 Pictures of plants blend fairly well with paper #05,06 et #07,08

An overview of a botanical garden on the north of the island, a must see if you get a chance to go to Martinique.
Again, plants landscape really do justice to the paper #01,02

 I am back using blue heavy picture (sea and swimsuit) that complement perfecly #05,06 paper.
As on almost every pages, I used felt squares as an embellishment.

This page contains a fanfold pocket in order to add pictures and journaling.

 On this page, I clustered labels, Silhouette cutfiles and brads.

 Last picture playing in the waves, I used the same paper as the first page.

 I hope this album will have give you some ideas of how to mix green and blue.
Have fun!!