Mini album Fall and its tutorial

Hello guys, 
Today I am sharing with you my Fall mini album.
At the end of  this post, you will find the tutorial with explanations and some pictures.
Have fun!!

 I used
- Sweet Memories collection: Paper #01,02 and  #03,04
- Peachy Christmas collection: Paper  #01,02 and #09,10
- badges of both collections
- Oh Labels


To decorate the cover, I borrowed some stamps from my children, stamped them on Sweet Memories paper and I cut them off.

The album is made of a succession of simple pages, folded pages and pages made of tracing paper.

The binding is see-through the back of the album.
I will explain how to do it in the tutorial.

I decorated my pages with Oh Labels and cut off.

I sprinkled orange ink and applied masking tape on each page.

The tracing paper soften the album a little bit.

On the bottom or the side of the pages, I taped some masking tape.

The centerfold is made of two folded pages.

Once opened.

The binding allows to add some voluminous embellishements such as the badges.

You will need a fast drying ink to stamp your tracing paper.

On the last page, I stacked up cut off, labels, masking tape and journaling.

You can add embellishements such as brads, eyelets, charms, wood veneers...Whatever floats your boat...

I just put the date at the end of the album. Since Fall has just started, I used last years pictures...

Please find below the tutorial to make your own Fall mini album


For the main structure you will need:
-         Six 12 x 16 cm photos (portrait format)
-         Four 16  x 19.5 cm white Bristol paper sheets folded at 12cm
-         Two 12 x 16 cm white Bristol paper sheets
-         Two 12 x 16 cm tracing paper sheets

In you pattern papers cut:
- Six 12x16 cm pieces
- Six 7.2x16 cm pieces

For the cover have two 16x30.5 cm pieces ready.
Alternate the pages order according to the story you want to tell with your pictures (simple page, page with tracing paper, page with folds…)
Embellish your pages using ink stains, tags, cut offs, stamps and so on…
Don’t forget to journaling (handwriting or alphabet).

Once your pages are done on both sides, glue them and perforate them altogether

Look at the pictures above to perforate the cover
Fold the 16x30.5 cm page in two. 
Punch a hole right on the fold 

With a bending tool make a fold at the edge of the hole and on each side of the hole.
You now have the back of your cover where you can place the book binding.

 Repeat the procedure if you wish to add a lining inside your cover

Tracing paper, pictures and tags from Studio Tekturek MUST be stamped with Stazon (or similar brand) only.
The book binder is closed genntly with your hands.

Don't forget to show yours projects.


  1. Beautiful album and I love the cover! I'll try to repeat your instructions, wish me luck :)

  2. superbe mini ! merci pour le tuto, je vais sans doute l'utiliser !