Tips for a smooth Project Life experience

Hey y'all,
I would like to share with you some of my experience about doing a Project Life. 
I have been doing Project Life for 18 months now and I acquired some habits and got rid of some rookie mistakes. 

Here are some cards I made for Valentine's week. 
I used papers from Sweet Pie and Blanket Stories collection.


Project Life album

-  I choose a 12 x 12 inch format because it allows me to put a lot of pictures.
   -  I usually do a double-page spread per week. It is a bit ambitious but a lot can happen in a week. At the end of the day, or the year might I say, it will be totally worth it as you will scroll down the year and get those little insignificant moments you already had forgotten.


Project Life pockets

Pocket’s size

For a long time, I could not choose which pocket size to use (A, B, C, something else?). Usually it is best to try before buying but in this situation is was complicated.
So I chose randomly!
 And I put them on the album randomly as well.
 In fact, a PL is a marathon, so don’t exhaust yourself with such minor details.

Since my pictures are square shaped (I will talk about that later), it fits every kind of cards and pocket.
To do my double-page spread, I choose the PL cards I really fancy at the moment or the one that will totally match the color palette of the pictures
The card’s size will decide the format of the pockets sleeve.

10 pockets sleeve (K, M, N, O formats)

I am not going to lie, it is a great investment. It really is.
I use them for special events such as Christmas, birthdays, vacations. It allows me to jam pack a whole lot of pictures which to me, is absolutely necessary to report properly these kind of events.



Pictures’ size

Before, I was wasting a lot of time to think about picture size and orientation (landscape or portrait) and where to put them.
It was taking an awful lot of time to organize everything with sticky notes. God forbid I made a mistake, I would have to print the picture again and waste ink and paper.
Now I print every single picture as a square. It fits every kind of pockets (A, B, C, etc… format) with a 5x5 cm size.
 It gets me enough space to write around the picture or do some journaling. 

Pictures editing

It is a very long step but you got to do it!!
Pictures are small so you have to keep only what is essential.
You need to crop, straighten up, light up and crisp your pictures, it is the bare minimum
For technical details, I strongly suggest you to go check some photo editing specialist’s blog. I am not one of those, I only tweak my pictures on Picasa.

Pictures selection

Little trick based on experience.
I did a special PL file on my computer where I keep all kind of pictures (taken with phone, iPad or sent by friends).
 Those kind of picture are less pretty than the one taken with the camera but they really are life’s snapshots.
I have a file per month and when I print them I go back to my notes to know which is when.


PL cards

PL cards

It is true, it takes a long time to do them.
On the plus side, you get to use your favorite papers leftover, finally use these embellishment that were abandoned in the bottom of a drawer. Basically, you are recycling. Who knew Project Life could help to save the planet?

While doing your PL cards, you still can make your life easier.
When I finish a project (usually a mini album), I have lots of leftovers that are already matched up (papers, stickers, embellishments…). Instead of sorting everything to put them away in a drawer, I keep everything in a folder that I directly put in my PL box.
 The cards I displayed above were made with what was left of my December Daily  (you can see it here)

You can find them everywhere and in any kind of shape you wish, cards, fonts, text, stickers and so on… I print the one I like the most and then T stash them away in my PL box.


The must have


My notepad is my best friend.
Have I already told you that last year, from March to November, I stopped doing my PL?
Well, without notepad I would have been totally lost. It is already complicated to remember from one week to another, so the more the time pass, the less you remember.
You absolutely have to note in your notepad what happened that week, it is vital.
It will save you a vast amount of time when you will tackle your PL. I personally write everything down and then I pick and choose what it more appropriate to the feel of the week. It is much better to have too much information than ending with blank spots on your PL. 
This notepad saved my PL last year….

The Knick knack box

I have dedicated a box, the mess box, where I store every little thing (tickets, drawing, flyers...). When I need them, it is easy to retrieve since everything is centralized.

PL box

It is a simple pizza box where I stash absolutely everything.
I put :
- my ready to go homemade kits
- my Knick knack box
- my already printed pictures
- stuff I want to keep
- my already made PL cards
- freebies I found on the net


Little advices 


You have the right to cheat a little and switch some pictures and some minor events. 
 It is not the end of the world if you say that you did finger painting on March 24th instead of March 12th. If the pictures and arrangements look better that way, then so be it.
I often insert neutral pictures, such as my children making funny faces, in the weeks when not much happened.
You don’t have to be over rigorous, don’t forget that a PL is a long time thing!!

Accept to be late

You will be late, it is a fact.
To go faster, you can use pre-made cards, you will be under the impression to be super efficient. 
You still have to take care of the pictures.
As I already mentioned, I sometimes print some pictures ahead of time and stash them in my PL box.

For more ideas and let inspiration struck, I will let you now go and stroll in Studio Tekturek's blog. The DT is really inspiring. 

I am looking forward for your reactions, comments, tricks. 
Are you going to start a PL?
Did this post helped you to get a little more organized? 
And do you have tricks to share? 

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