How to make a scrapbooking layout

Today, I will show you step by step how I did this layout

You will need :

A 30 x 30 cm sheet of paper
I chose the #03, 04 paper from the Sweet Pie collection         

A 15 x 30.5 cm sheet of paper
I used the #01, 02 sheet from the Blanket Stories collection

A 9.5 x 7 cm picture
A 10 cm diameter doily

Pieces of paper with various sizes :

1- 4 x 11.5 cm #Add-on Sweet Pie collection
2- 7.2 x 12 cm #07, 08 One Ticket collection
3- 16 x 13.2 cm Tracing paper
4- 13.2 x 11 cm #01, 02 One Ticket collection
5- 19 x 16 cm #09, 10 One Ticket collection

Embellishements :

-         chipboards, Collection OH, CHIPboard #1
-         a tag Collection OH, LABELSstic' 3
-         leftover of paper from the Sweet Pie collection #Add-on
-         blue brads
-         one grey eyelet
-         blue masking tape
-         a piece of white thread
-            a grey alphabet

Step 1 


Do your background by gluing a strip of blue paper (Paper  #03, 04) on top of the page (#01, 02 Blanket Stories collection).


Step 2

Glue the doily on the  piece of paper number 1.
Then glue the whole thing on the  piece of paper number 2.
Then on a number 3, 4, and 5.
You have to glue on a bigger piece of paper each time

Last, glue the picture on top of the doily
Then glue it all on the background

Step 3

Beautify with embellishments

-         Top left, the triangle « This » is on a foam pad

-         Bottom right of the picture : the strip of paper from the  Sweet Pie collection #Add-on, is covered with the circle tag Collection OH, LABELSstic' 3 then with the title made out of the grey alphabet.
-         I glued two stars chipboard on the  « Magic » chipboard, Collection OH, CHIPboard #1

-         Bottom right of the layout, I applied two pieces of blue masking tape on wich I put an eyelet and my white thread rolled up.

-         I put blue brads randomly across the page.

I hope this will help you to create a layout full of stacked stuffs. 
Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or show us what you made.



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