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Today I want to show you a little gift that I made for my deer friend who is going to have her second little boy in a few days.

I wanted to make a little note book, where she could put the first pictures of her baby or maybe write all theese little things that we want to remember about the first months of our little children.

To make this album, i used #oh labels, blanket stories #07 and sweet pie #09.

Hey!! If you want to make an album like this one, here is the step by step way to do :-)
You'll need :
  • 14 pieces of 7,3x15 cm (for the pages)
  • 4 pieces of 8 x 15 cm (for the cover)
  • a piece of fabric (about 15 x 6 cm)
  • 2 rings
To make the cover you'll have to fold along the big side at 0,8 cm.
Then make a sandwich with 2 papers right sides together and put the fabric on the middle, like this :

Now sew those 3 papers and tissue together, sewing on the little part that mesures 0,8 cm.
After that, you'll have to return the papers (where you folded the papers) to see the right sides and hide the sewing, like this :

glue together the two papers, and then do the same thing on the other side :

Cut the fabric and glue together the two papers.
I decided to sew all around the cover like this :
then I placed the two rings and now it's time to prepare the pages!
Really simple, i just glued together 2 papers because I wanted to have the same paper on each sides. I made it 7 times and then made 2 holes on each papers to put the rings.

I put some labels, a piece of fabric and some leaves.

And now, I'm just waiting for the baby to come :-)
Have a nice day!!

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