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Hello all,

Today, I will show you a special album. When you’ll see the pictures, you’ll understand ...


I just had a baby and it changes a lot of things. I am discovering the fractioned scrapbooking. Meaning 5 min here and 5 min there. I don’t have the luxury to spend hours in front of a project anymore or carefully choose my stamps and embellishments.
I am discovering a brand new way of scrapping which is as interesting. I think more ahead of the projects than I did before, I strategize. It is more brain oriented if I may say… Ideas may come when I have absolutely no time to do anything about it, so when I sit down, I know exactly what glue where and what kind of papers I will use. It is extremely efficient!
I used the Sweet pies and Sweet memories collections,
 Stickers Oh Labels
 Pink, rose and purple Oh alphabets
Sweet memories Badge 

For the cover, I used wallpaper leftovers that I glued carton style with special folding for the corners. 


For the binder, I wanted to use rings at first but the size of the project had me change my mind and I used backer twine instead.

To embellish each pages, I used big alphabets and chipboards for journaling as well as wood veneers, stamps, dots and masking tape for the finishing touch.

I wanted to use the clouds as a recurring theme. You will find them all along the album, made of material, wood, paper …


I really enjoy adding bagde as a page decoration. It really gives volume which I particularly appreciate.


 I have added golden touches with the dots and stickers to embellish the album and give it a really girly style.

I hope you will enjoy this album.


  1. So lovely :-) It was a good idea to juse wallpaper. The effects with big alphabet looks good :-) Maybe I have to try to make one kind off this album's ones :-)
    Thanks for inspiration :-)