INSD 2015 and question why we love scrapbooking

At May 2 we celebrate Inter National Scrapbooking Day and we thought it would be nice to say everyone why we love scrapbooking. Simply, some breathtaking words from our DT! 

Dziś obchodzimy Światowy Dzień Scrapbookingu I pomyśleliśmy, że byłoby miło powiedzieć Wam dlaczego kochamy scrapbooking. Po prostu kilka cudownych słów od naszego DT!

I love scrapbooking because work with papers and additives always makes me happy, it's my way to spend my free time. It allows me to express my feelings and save the memories of our life on scraps and in mini albums.

Because it allows me to express my feelings, my creativity , through pretty papers,stamp, stikers and so many other things .. while creating beautiful memories for my family and especially my children. Today it is more than a passion that has become a need, and it doesn't go a day without scrap !

Mmmm... I like scrapbooking because it's connected to tons of beautiful stuff such as papers, patterns, flowers, ribbons, mists, colors etc. I like surrounding myself with such things and working with photographs and creating this beautiful mess. That's probably I LOVE scrapbooking. 

I like scrpbooking because I like working with my hands. Cut, punch holes, glue things,stamp, staple... It keeps my hands and mind busy. I like scrapbooking because it brings back the emotions from nice pictures, helps to remember nice moments 

Scrapbooking allows me to express my artistic side ... Which is graphic and photographic attracts me ! So it's natural that I came to this creative hobby ... And happiness , all styles are possible ! 

As long as I remember, I've always loved paper and I have always loved create things with them... Now that I'm a mother, scrapbooking gives me the same pleasure to play with papers, stickers, labels... And it's also my little break : during naps, I have a quiet moment, really calm while I can take time to create with our pictures... I love to create these memories and put as much sweetness in it as I can 

I've been scrapbooking for more than 6 years and I discovered that it not only fills my free time and helps me preserve great memories but it also made me to take pictures of everyday life and small details. Scrapbooking made me more sensitive for small things. I realized that happiness do not always depend of big things. Sometimes being happy means living a moment. So, to me it's not a hobby anymore - it's life changer.

Scrapbooking for me is a therapy! When I need to load the batteries - there it is disconnecting me from the world outside, when I am happy - there it is helping to remember happy moments, when I am blue, there it is with my previous mini books full of sunny stories! It is also fuel for my self esteem cause it's always nice to receive positive comments about Your work! It is the bridge connecting me to the international world, it's hobby that can build the friendship between two strangers! Scrapabooking is Fun! 

I love scrapbooking because makes me happy and calm me down , it’s creative, it’s fun, helping me remember feelings and important moments, I love this beautiful stuff and gives me amazing community

If you also can write two or three sentences about THESE special thing(s) you love in scrapbooking it would be awesome [please use English language and comment below]. We will choose the most perfect reason and we will give this special person big pack with ST goodies ♥ Let us know why do you like/love/adore scrapbooking! You have time to Monday (May 4). Have an amazing weekend!

Jesli Ty też możesz powiedzieć nam dlaczego kochasz scrapbooking będzie cudnie! Napisz nam kilka zdań w komentarzu (po angielsku), a w poniedziałek 4 maja wybierzemy jedna osobę, która otrzyma dużą pakę z naszymi produktami! :) Daj nam znać dlaczego scrapbooking to jest to! ♥ Miłego weekendu kochani! 

Studio Tekturek DT


  1. As I repeat this morning through a layout, scrapbooking is an art and more specifically the support of our emotions in colors .. that's what I like and that's why I like to me dirty fingers , cut, to imagine, to my memories remain alive !

  2. i think scraping makes me feel something so special .... as i was this kind of person who is able to capture moments in life, feelings of a moment, emotions felt at this right time .... and just put it down on paper ........ as I was some sort of magician .... :)

  3. Scrapbooking allows me to make pretty stuff without artistic tallent and I love that, because I always want to create, but I couldn't find my way. It's my method to cheer up, to relax. I love that I don't have my photos just on computer, but printed on LOs and mini albums. And that I take more and more photos. I also love all scrapbooking goodies - papers, alphas, stickers, etc. And because of scrapbooking I met a lot of fantastic people. And I love scrapbooking because I even love my life more. Now I see all small things which are wonderful, but sometimes I don't notice them.

  4. I don't know why I craft. Some people says it's wasting time.... All that I know is it makes me happy, it's enough for me...

  5. I Just Love scrapbooking! I am totally Addicted to anything scrapbooking! Like many people said, it has become a need for it is my own way to chill out and relax! That's how I like spending my day offs and stuff... Making things like pages, mini albums, cards ... Makes me happy and gives me some sort of satisfaction! I do love sharing my crafts: I love making presents for my family and friends... Creating is really fulfilling and is a really good way to express myself ;)

  6. Scrapbooking is the one creative hobby that I've stuck with for this long (going on 8 years). After I hit a low point starting throwing all my stuff out, it's the hobby that survived. I love the release, the play, it's not a hobby for me, it's a life-saver and it gives me a chance to preserve memories and stories in a fun, artistic fashion. It makes me smile.

  7. I love capturing memories of precious animals people and things forever.

  8. It all begun of thought to combine photographing into paper crafting - but once I got in, found the world of blogs, world of other scrapbookers and designers, and it all got serious. Nowadays I found this much more like a life style than a hobby, I carry my camera almost 24/7 with me and the moments I can spend in my studio surrounded by beautifully patterned papers are something that keeps me sane in this grazy everyday life. Life is so busy and scheduled all the time, and scrapbooking lets me live in thoughts and calms me down, I can set my creative spirit free and get my captured memories to albums as an extra gift <3
    I will never change this to anything and I hope to teach my offspring to scrapbook too.

  9. When I found the first information about scrapbooking (it was about 5 years ago), I didn't think it would become something big and important for me, but now it's one of the main parts in my life. Scrapbooking gave me an opportunity to express myself, to show my emotions and not to harm people around me, it gave me an opportunity to be emotionally free, to solve my problems with the help of art. Also I found new friends, who are always happy to see me, whom with we can talk about our little strange things (strange for other people) - about glue and paper, challenges and worldwide scrap-ladies, it's awesome feeling, when you understand, that people understand you. Now scrap is much more than just a hobby for me, it's my way to express myself, to get harmony inside, my way to find new friends, to be happy and now I can't imagine my life without this art, it makes my life as full and positive as it is now.

  10. Hello me why I love scrapbooking. because it allows me to channel the overflow of energy I have.

  11. I love scrapbooking as it is a true stress relief, it allows me to think myself above all to make peace with myself when life events are difficult to manage .. It allows me to evacuate my stress, my weariness, my anger and my sadness sometimes .. but do not forget the joys that life brings me as there are good times (indeed I try to retain only those, that is better ....)