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June is always a difficult month for scrapbooking.
It is that time of the year when everything piles up: school parties, school recital, theatre plays, concerts so on and so forth...Time spent for scrapbooking is a rarity. 
So that is why I will show you a very simple mini album, done in a record time but still awesome.

Here is the step by step:
The structure is made of white paper sheets folded in two and glued together back to back.
Decoration is made of big patterned paper rectangles, with colors that match the pictures.
I chose the One Way Ticket collection to go with the  green of the garden.
Everything is embellished with stickers, masking tape and wood embellishements.

As I said, a pieace of cake!!!
Here are the pictures:

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  1. What are those brush script looking words? Stickers? Love them!