Day with >>> Els

Hi ST fans,
I always adore the die-cut paper in the different Studio Tekturek collections. I often use them, or parts of them, on my regular projects. But for a change, I wanted to use some of the die-cut cards on an actual Project Life spread.

Week 33 was one of our summer holiday weeks. We went to visit a sand sculpture festival, which was all about Disney. And also a visit to an amazing aquarium were the highlights of our week. Since my pictures were mostly yellow-ish, green and blue, I chose to concentrate on the One Way Ticket collection.

I also added some of the flair and the label stickers.



  1. Kiedyś "przymierze się" do PL - na razie mam koszulki, papiery i dodatki też jakieś się znajdą. No i fotki i to jest największy problem (oczywiście do pokonania).