Tutorial: How to make a layout with ink and control

Hey Guys,

This time around I wanted to show you how I made a layout from the start and more specifically  the background. I really enjoy playing around with inks but my Clean and Simple style taste keeps it under control. 
So here's the layout : Souvenirs of this summer, a story of a swimmingpool-less garden on a hot summer day.
Please embark with me on the journey of this LO making.

I used One Way Ticket paper, Oh Labels and One Way Ticket Badge.

First step
You will need a small patterns stencil, black ink and  a foam pad to apply it.

Cut a white cardstock to a 28 x 28cm square. 
Randomly stamp the black ink with the stencil.
Here's the result:

Second step: Apply the first color
You will need a water sprinkler, differents colors of liquid ink and a piece of rigid plastic
I generaly use my stamps cover

Unscrew the bottle of ink.
Use the platic pipe to apply a little bit of ink on the plastic.

Mist some water on the ink.

Apply it on your cardstock. You can do it at differents places.
You can add a bit more water on the plastic if you want to dilute the ink some more.

Third step: Apply the second color
Use a contrast color to apply.
Do the exact same procedure you did for the first color.

Here's the result

Last step
Chose some embellishements, cuts off, labels, eyelets, brads, badges, thread.
Whatever you wish.
And finish the layout!!!!

I hope this tutorial will have been helpfull.
Don't hesitate to show us your realizations.
Have fun.


  1. Great tutorial and really helpful - I'll certainly use it! Thanks!

    1. I told you I'll use it ;-)


  2. Prosto, szybko i efektownie - na pewno nie jednej osobie się przyda :)